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February 22, 2010

I like huge swatch photos because you can actually get an idea of the texture and finish of the products.  If the hugeitude of these images is bothersome or too much for your compy to handle just fling a comment my way, mkay?

The first batch is from Aromaleigh; this is my second order, and I am way stoked that I caved in.  I bought these last week immediately after Miss K announced that the Rocks shadows would be reformulated and, as such, the old formula was on sale.  I bought four full-sized pots (Dominion, Moonagedaydream, Endlesssea and Poisonivy) and received four samples with them.  The shadows are swatched over theallnaturalface’s eye primer (top), bare skin (thin line in the middle) and TFSI (bottom).

From left to right:

Prettyinpink, Dirtydeeds, Radioactive, Moonagedaydream, Dominion, Poisonivy, Endlesssea, Pinafore color creme (my extra sample–friggin love this one)

everybody in the pool!

this one has flash :D

Radioactive looks more blue on camera than in real life, but it’s still a bit cooler than the swatch on the Aromaleigh page.

These are the Fyrinnae shadows I got with my lip lustres, also swatched over theallnaturalface primer and TFSI.

Bite Me and Bastet

Bite Me and Bastet

Platinum and Atomic Afterglow

Platinum and Atomic Afterglow

Atomic Afterglow (again) and Beholder
Atomic Afterglow and Beholder


flashingks time, yes?


I only Epoxied the shadows with significant sparklitude.

Names are listed above and in the hovertext.

Dirtydeeds and Dominion



Bastet, Atomic Afterglow and Beholder WITH FLASHSHSH

Prettyinpink:  a slightly cool, matte, incredibly bright pink.  Think of a pink highlighter, then double that feeling.

Dirtydeeds:  somewhat plummy mauve base with a lovely blue-green shimmer.

Radioactive:  a cold matte green, the color of bluegrass.

Moonagedaydream:  blue-green with a hint of golden-green shimmer.

Dominion:  a true blue base with pale gold shimmer and sparkles throughout.

Poisonivy:  bright matte green, about the same color as a green colored pencil.

Endlesssea:  a nearly-matte teal; has a hint of bluey-greeny sparkle.

Pinafore:  for the leeps; a sheer but bright reddish-pink with a bit of pink sparkle.  Smells kind of like candy.

Bite Me:  a true red with a hint of red shimmer; blend incredibly well.

Bastet:  a matte black base with LOTS of gold/green/olive sparkle and glitter.  This one is best foiled or used with a sticky base.

Platinum:  a gorgeous dirty silver color with a gold shimmer.  I frigging love this one everywhere.  I kind of want to take a bath in this.

Atomic Afterglow:  a silky-looking grey, has some subtle shimmer throughout.

Beholder:  a medium greyish-taupe with multi-colored shimmer/sparkle.

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