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Glitter polish says what?

March 3, 2010

So I was at work today, looking at my nails and how chipped the tips were getting, when I realized that I wanted my next polish color to be a glitter orgy.  Unfortunately, I have right around zero awesomely glittery polishes.  Nope.  None.

Rather than curling up on the floor and shaking like a cokehead because I can’t get my glitter fix, I decide to mix it up myself.

From this…

nameless multicolored glitter polish, TKB purple glitter

…to this little guy:

fuschia glittery goodness

Isn’t that awesome??  I’m really digging the way the multicolored sparkles from the original polish mix with the purple-pink glitter bits.

Here it is on the fingers in natural sunlight:

three coats of glitter, one of topcoat

Sorry about the smudge.  I smacked my hand against the wall just before taking this picture.  :(

And in artificial light:

it's shiny, like the skin of a purported killerI was way friggin excited about this, you know?  It’s really not such a big deal, but I like it.

Polish:  no name multi-colored glitter in a clear base

Glitter:  purple glitter sample from TKB trading

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