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Mo stuff fo my collection

March 9, 2010

Pictures of my Silk Naturals, TSS, Evil Shades and Aromaleigh orders AWWW YEAH.

Silk Naturals swatched over TFSI (top), bare skin (middle blorp) and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (bottom), from left to right:  Danny, Fairy Dust, Cybertron, Fire, SWAK, Petal blush, Medium Ash and Dark Brunette brow powders.  In natural light:

Danny, Fairy Dust, Cybertron, Fire

Fire (looks different because of the angle), SWAK, Petal Blush, Medium Ash and Dark Brunette brow powders

Silk Naturals with flash, SWAK kind of hanging off the edge here:

Danny, Fairy Dust, Cybertron, Fire

Shadows over black cream liner:

Fairy Dust, Danny, Fire, Cybertron

Fire & Cybertron---how gorgeous are these two??

The She Space shadows swatched over TFSI, from right to left and top to bottom:  Roaring Metaphor, Drops of Moonstone, Vintage Advantage, Leos and Lovers, Fields of Wisdom, Lions and Witches.  In natural light:

TSS, bb.With flash:

I like calling it "TSS" because it makes me think of toxic shock syndrome.

Aromaleigh!  First the free samples over bare skin:  White Wedding, Winged Psyche, Heels on Fire.

Rocks! shadows swatched over Benefit LemonAid and bare skin, from left to right:  Obsession, Swamp Thing, Suspect Device.

Unicorn on its own:

Evil Shades:  Zombie and Acolyte, both swatched dry over my bare skin.


These shadows are absolutely beautiful.  I love the gold/coppery sparkles in Zombie so, so much.  Acolyte is almost a true hunter green, deep with a bit of a blue cast.  I don’t know how it’ll look with my skin tone, but I don’t really care right now.  *squirming with happiness*

And the polish that I purchased, Rainbow in the Dark.

It’s too cloudy to do any swatches, so I’ll have to show you some other time.

Out of all these shadows, I’m thinking that my favorites are SN Danny and Cybertron, TSS Leos and Lovers, AL Winged Psyche and ES Zombie.

A note about the Evil Shades order:  when I went to open my shadows, I noticed that there was a LOT of product stuck in the threads of the jar, easily three or four applications’ worth.  This happens every time I open the jars after moving them around/flipping them over.  This annoys the snot out of me and I don’t think I’ll be making any more orders from this company.  I’m pleased with the products that I purchased, I just don’t think it’s worth the hassle of cleaning up a bunch of dark, shimmery powder Every Freaking Time I open these jars.  Heck, I might even transfer them to different jars once I start finishing up some of the samples I’ve collected.

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