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April 1, 2010

My package from FrescoPhyrra’s blog giveaway!  She sent so many awesome things that I don’t really know where to begin.  I can’t be-LEAF how generous this woman is.

Is it not magnificent?

Swatchin tiem!

The names are listed from left to right, then top to bottom.  All of these shadows are swatched over TFSI, with the exception of the silver on the bottom right.

The top row includes samples from Meow and Aromaleigh:  Meow OMG and GMTA, AL Big Neon Glitter, Hit or Miss and New Rose.

Second row is all Aromaleigh:  Agent Orange, Planet Earth, Ozone, Boiling Point, Fanclub, Estranged

Third row is a bit of a mix:  Spell Cosmetics Creme de Menth (sic), Silk Naturals Bewitched, Fyrinnae Lights of Quebec City over TFSI and Pixie Epoxy

The Fyrinnae shadow, as far as I understand, is actually a fine silver glitter.  Look at this GQMF in natural light:

Isn’t that crazy?  This one makes me think of tinsel.  It’s marvelous.

OMG:  of a light sherbet color with shimmer.

GMTA:  true sky blue with teal-ish shimmer.

Big Neon Glitter:  yellow with a hint of green, like the color of a highlighter; lots of silver sparkles (microglitter?  no idea)

Hit or Miss:  medium true purple with tons of silver sparkles; in real life the color is a smidgen darker.

New Rose:  crazy-bright coral.  Fluorescent orange and hot pink got together and had a baby.

Agent Orange:  true orange with a coral-pink shimmer.

Planet Earth:  bright mid-tone blue with a lavender sparkle that shows very well in person.  This one reminds me of Fyrinnae’s Javan Rhino, but with a true blue base rather than a teal.

Ozone:  intense blue-green-aqua, slight shimmer.

Boiling Point:  a bright hot-purple-magenta fusion with shimmer and gold (I think) sparkles thrown in.  Obsession (also Aromaleigh) is the matte version of this color.

Fanclub:  bubblegum pink with blue and silver sparkles.  Super shimmery and awesome.  I’m pretty sure this is a neutral pink, rather than leaning towards peach or purple.

Estranged:  acid green with yellow shimmer and what appears to be light green sparkles.  Idk, this is just a shweet color.

Creme de Menth (sic):  very opaque off-white with mint green sparkles and shimmer.  The base seems to have a slightly pink tint.

Bewitched:  rich burgundy with lots of pink shimmer.  This one might go well with Evil Shades Zombie.

Quebec City:  I think it’s pretty much a fine silver glitter with no base color.  Pixie Epoxy makes it look like you applied molten silver to your eyelids BECAUSE YOU ARE SO DEDICATED TO BEAUTY that you just don’t care about the pain.

Now for ze Fyrinnae Lip Lustres…

Ryunome makes me think of blue cotton candy; it’s both bright and a little soft at the same time, and the silver/blue shimmer is lovely.

Lollipop-Pop is my perfect Barbie pink.  This one has a bit of blue shimmer, which I rather like.

Trickster is probably my favorite.  It’s like fuchsia with a little bit of grape thrown in, and a tiny sprinkling of blue-violet shimmer.

I thought this color would make me look like a corpse, but it’s actually quite nice.  I might wear this to class during finals week, just to perk me up.

I think this is a bad picture; my lips were quite pigmented from rubbing the previous swatch off, so you really can’t see the beautiful pink color or the blue shimmer.  It looks quite a bit like Trickster here, but they’re different in ze real world.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Friggin.  Love.  The color is a little more saturated in real life, but this is a pretty close representation of the tone of Trickster.


Le gasp — a palette!

The box that it came in says

Simplify.  The days of applying your make up from a dozen different cases are over!  The UNII palette is here to consolidate all your favorite make up into one beautiful case.

It came with a set of magnetic strips to apply to depotted products; the little thing you see in the upper corner of the palette is a magnet that can be used as a space filler, a spot to put your thumb while holding the palette or a fridge magnet, whichever you prefer.  I love the color; it makes me think of lemongrass and spring.


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  1. May 10, 2010 12:31 am

    That must have made you happy when the mail came! Lollipop-pop & Trickster are so pretty, OH no- another two things to add to the wish list because of you! ;) You may have figured it out by now but any of the Fyrinnae shadows that are called “lights of xxx city” are just glitter like you suspected. I didn’t think they’d be so pretty- that silver would make a fun upper lid liner.

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