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April 17, 2010

My look from yesterday:  faded chartreuse-lime up top, purple on der bottom.

I love purple and green together; to me, the combination embodies spring.  Some of my very favorite flowers (wild violets and grape irises) will be making their way through the dirt in the next month or so, and I’m quite excited about this.  Spring is the best time of year, hands down.

I used the NYX Beautiful Green Eyes palette again; I’ve hardly touched that thing since I bought it because the shadows are so soft and crumbly.  Some of the colors are gorgeous, but it’s so messy to deal with.

Lid:  NYX palette taupe, AL Big Neon Glitter and Cricket (lightly patted on top of the taupe and blended in)

Crease:  NYX palette grey (AL colors blended into this as well)

Lower lashline:  NYX palette purple, AL Fanclub

Highlight:  NYX palette cream

Mascara:  Rimmel Max Volume Flash

Lips:  Fyrinnae Megahold

These pictures were taken at the end of the day; the mascara didn’t smudge at all, even though one of my eyes watered terribly.  There’s a tiny bit of flaking, but other than that it held up quite well.  AW YEAH.

In hindsight I probably should have added some blush to this look; I’m a little washed out in the full face picture.  Should I travel back in time and fix this terrible mistake?

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