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April 20, 2010

I didn’t wear makeup, but I played with some eyeshadows for a little bit.  As curator of this blog, I must warn you that I am not wearing any concealer or powder in these pictures, nor have I plucked my eyebrows in many moons.  If you look closely you can see what I mean.  Sensitive viewers may wish to explore a more family-friendly blog.

Now, onwards to look numbah ONE!

Once again, I used my NYX palette.  Some of the colors are pretty lame; I used the pale pink, medium red and olive shadows.  The red has chunks of glitter that stuck to my cheeks when I tried to apply it, and it disappeared right away once I started blending.  I used the olive to darken the crease a little bit, which worked out okay.  The pink shadow looks like an off-white rather than a true pink.

Lid:  NYX pale pink

Crease:  gimpy NYX red, NYX olive

Highlight:  TSS Drops of Moonstone

Mascara:  two coats of Rimmel Smexy Curves

Look numbah TWO!

I am quite please with this half of my face.

Lid:  TSS Lions and Witches

Crease:  TKB Trading Black Amethyst

Highlight:  TSS Drops of Moonstone

Lower lashline:  UD Rockstar, smudged to create a wing

Mascara:  same as above

Verdict for these looks is right MNYAH.

NUMBAH ONE:  laaaame.  Too light, no definition, nothing special.

NUMBAH TWO:  Success!  I will use this again someday, preferably when watching a Vikings game (or some other team with purple and gold/yellow).

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