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Purty New Polish

April 26, 2010

On Friday I skipped over to Walgreen’s to grab a couple of things.  One of them was this prettypants polish that I’ve seen on a couple of other blogs:

Mint Apple by Sinful.  It’s a seafoam/minty green with some slightly gold-toned shimmer.  I don’t think it’s a dupe for Essie’s Mint Candy Apple; it’s too dark and shimmery.

I like this color quite a bit.  The first layer is super sheer, but this polish can be a two-coater if you’re careful.  I used three coats of the polish followed by two coats of Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener.

The other thing I grabbed from Wags was one of the new Wet’n’Wild shadow singles.  I’ll update later with some pictures of that little guy.


I had to swatch it on my finger because the swatches against the back of my hand/arm weren’t visible.

I actually use this product as a setting powder for concealer because it’s so close to my skin tone.  It’s quite pigmented (see finger swatch above) and blends pretty easily without totally disappearing.  I’d describe the color as a very pale, completely matte peach with a touch of yellow.

The shadow itself is quite soft.  I’ve used this product three times since Friday and the raised design is already disappearing.  I can’t really complain, though, because it was only $1.99 and is pretty good in all other respects.

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