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theallnaturalface swatches

May 6, 2010

So I noticed that a few people stopped over here looking for some swatches from thees parteeculere brand, and I couldn’t deliver.


All swatches are patted over TFSI (top) and Pixie Epoxy (bottom).

From left to right:  Honey Peach, Gold Dust, French Vanilla

Left to right:  Subdued, Orchid, Earl Grey

Honey Peach was difficult to photograph, so here’s another picture:

Honey Peach:  a pretty, shimmery peach with a strong hot-pink shimmer.

Gold Dust:  true gold sparkles.

French Vanilla:  lovely white shimmer, very shiny and great for a dramatic highlight.

Subdued:  looks like an antique silver in the photo, but in person it’s more of a beige with some pink/purple shimmer and tinytiny blue sparkles.  I love this color.

Orchid:  a cool matte purple.

Earl Grey:  a deep, neutral matte grey.

I don’t know if this seller uses bases when she mixes her shadows.  The shimmers, when blended over TFSI, disappear very quickly.  Gold Dust is especially hard to work with; it’s all sparkle and no base, so I’d recommend a creamy shadow or Pixie Epoxy underneath this one.  The mattes are also hard to work with; they’re quite difficult to blend, especially Orchid.  Then again, I don’t really like Orchid anyway because it’s too cool for my skin tone and makes me look bruised and sick.  I don’t know if I’ll purchasen eyeshadows from this person again.

I purchased from her last summer, so it’s possible that her current formulas are a little different.  The above comments are only relevant to her products from August 2009 and earlier.

I received a buttload of free eyeshadow samples with my orders.  I’ll swatch those next week if anyone is interested.  I also received foundation samples, but I don’t think I’ll ever post those.  Too much hassle, behbeh.  I do like her foundation formula, though.  I actually found a match for my pale yellow/peach skin YEEEEEEAH.

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  1. May 6, 2010 11:55 pm

    Boo, what a shame :( Gold Dust and French Vanilla look so pretty. Are they still repackagers? Because I remember reading this from Grey:

  2. thecandiedmango permalink
    May 7, 2010 9:47 am

    I wish I knew :( I haven’t ordered anything since August; I’ve considered it because I really, REALLY liked the foundation, but I don’t know if I’d feel guilty for supporting a company that isn’t totally honest about product production.

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