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June 26, 2010

AND LURVING IT.  This is a lie, of course; I’d much rather be caught up on everything, but it is what it is.

First, I has some makeups to show yooooou….

Used the greens + highlight from the Kat Von D Gypsy palette and the cream color from Sleek Curious palette.

Lulz, I deleted the other pictures without thinking.  This is Frankie from the Gypsy palette with a smidge of gold liner on the bottom and some good ol’ TANF French Vanilla for highlight.

Errthing but the highlight is from the Sleek Curious palette.  The outer corner color (the golden-black) sucks balls:  lots of powdery fallout, poor payoff, hard to blend, ick.  I love all the blues in the palette, though.  Highlight is TANF French Vanilla, as usual.  Why does such a perfect color come from a company I’m not totally comfortable with?  Nuñez?  NUUUÑÑÑEEZZZ!!!

Coming soon:  comments on EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss, which I bought at Target while desperately searching for a shaving substance that won’t irritate my legskins.

EDIT:  I’ve never really noticed how uneven my skin looks in full-face photos!  I’m pasty white with some sort of orange-yellow splotches on my forehead and around my mouth.  What is this business?

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  1. June 28, 2010 6:01 am

    NOM I love the first look :3 great blending on the green

    • thecandiedmango permalink
      June 28, 2010 3:59 pm

      Why, thx! The Kat Von D shadows did most of the work for me, definitely worth the 36usd spent on them.

  2. July 19, 2010 7:43 pm

    The green look is so super amazingly pretty! Very nice, chica!

    • thecandiedmango permalink
      July 19, 2010 8:45 pm

      Giggity giggity! Thanks much!

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