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February 5, 2011

I (barely) mentioned in a previous post that I was waiting for an order from the lovely, beautifully perfumed people at ZOMG Smells.  Luckily for me (and you) I received my SQUEEEES in the mail today!  I am very, very excited for this because I’ve never really tried anything interesting as far as perfumes go — I’ve always stuck to very light florals, fruity and vanilla-y scents — and I’d love to branch out into something new.

The package that I received contained a meeeelion Squees (1 mL sample vials), an invoice and a super cute thank-you note.

The Goods

I ordered the following 12 scents for my first round of excitement:

Marmalade Tabby

Vory v Zakony

Kuiper Belt Objects Unite in Vengeance

Camping in a Vanilla Forest

Jaeger 1

Jaeger 2

Jaeger 3


Pirate Queen (off duty)

Pirate Queen (on duty)

The Baron

The Nuremburg Pudding Incident

The ladies were also sweet enough to send some extra Squees in the package:

Sparkle Receptors

Space Bat

Coronal Mass Injector

In the coming days I’m planning on wearing one scent every day and write my opinions on each.  As these posts are written I’ll be editing this page to link each scent to its respective review, which may be efficient and well-organized or awkward and messy.  Only time can reveal the conclusion to such a mystery.

The Technical Stuff

The containers seem pretty typical based on other experiences with indie perfume.  They have small, clear plastic caps that snap onto the glass vial, and attached to the cap is a thin plastic rod for schmearing the scent on skin.  Each vial is labeled with a foil-type sticker that appears to be waterproof.

The individual samples were $2.50 apiece and the Collected Works (set of 8 Girl Genius scents) was $24.  Shipping costs were reasonable at $3.50 for a domestic US order.

The website states that order processing time will take between 5 and 10 days; I received shipping notice the morning following the eleventh day that the order had been shipped on the tenth day.  The notice contained a tracking number, which was both good and bad because it meant that it would be way too easy to repeatedly refresh on the USPS tracking page and stalk my package.  Shipping ended up taking 3 days, which isn’t too bad for traveling over half of the width of the US in winter.


Unfortunately I am unable to upload pictures at this time; I’ve somehow lost my camera case, which contains the adapter piece needed to load photos onto my laptop, and cellphone reception/wireless connection is total poop out here in the wilderness *shame*.  When I locate the camera case I’ll be loading snippity snaps of the vials and the thank-you note.

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  1. February 5, 2011 5:58 pm

    Oh, these sound so awesome!

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