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ZOMG Smells: Marmalade Tabby

March 1, 2011

Website description:

This smell is dedicated to my own indolent and mouthy marmalade tabby, Fisher.

Everything warm and soft and marmalade-y I could think of went into this blend. Soft fuzzy stomachs in the sun, the scent of kitty-head as it gets bumped up against your nose, pink toe-pads poking out of peachy fuzz, my god I could go on and on and eventually just abandon all pretense of coherent speech and start making OOO SMOOCHY-WOO noises. Plus marmalade. :)

Non-cat owners and allergic persons, have no fear. There are no actual cat products in this, unless you consider the distilled essence of helpless doofy affection to be a cat product.

(by ‘the distilled essence of helpless doofy affection’ we actually mean sweet orange and peach, fuzzy musk, sweetroll accord, and a dab of caramel sauce right on the nose AWWW NOSE, WHO’S GOT A LITTLE NOSE ON A LITTLE KITTYFACE? YOU DO!)

Official Sniff Test

Immediately on:  smells like a candle, some sort of peachy bready thing.

It quickly settles into something more palatable—it still has a spicy, baked good smell but with a stronger fruity scent with a tiny hint of musky earthy business.  It’s a bit like fresh peach crisp with manly marmalade, but it was still a bit artificial.

After 2-3 hours the smell was very much that of homemade fruit cobbler with a little bit of musk.  Sweet and charming.

The perfume lasted just over 6 hours.

Overall Impression

Delicious.  It was like I’d spent a few hours in the kitchen whipping up pastries and pies and crisps and the wafts of baked happiness just followed me around.

I was worried that I’d smell like an overly sweet candle all day, but it settled into tasty happiness very well.

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