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ZOMG Smells: Spacebat

March 1, 2011

Website description:

Never forget March 15, 2009. On that day, a small free-tailed bat clung resolutely to the space shuttle Discovery and rose through the Earth’s atmosphere to the vastness beyond on a billowing plume of flame. No creature has ever died a more glorious death, or lived so purely the dream that pulled our distant ancestors up from the oceans and into the skies. While Spacebat’s body did not survive his flight to the stars, his dream lives on in all of us.

The scent of a soul slipping the surly bonds of earth for the stars above. Mission accomplished.

Cave stone and memorial myrrh lifted by nutmeg and delicate leather wings.

Official Sniff Test

After application the last three scents are present, leather and myrrh most apparent with nutmeg as an accent.  Together they smell a little like church incense (seriously, what’s with me and incense?)  I don’t know what stone smells like, but I’m guessing that it’s the slightly earthy, barely-there foundation.

After around 1.5 hours the leather has faded and the myrrh is more intense.  There is still only a small amount of nutmeg.

At this point the scent remained nearly the same for about 5 more hours; toward the end the nutmeg became a leetle more apparent.

Overall Impression

This was a very sober smell.  I personally wouldn’t wear it for a date or to work, but I would rock it in winter or at a funeral.  Does that make any sense?

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  1. March 7, 2011 10:37 am

    Totally makes sense. I will need to pick this one up. Thanks for the review. :)

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