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ZOMG Smells: Coronal Mass Ejection

March 8, 2011

Website description:

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas and sometimes, just sometimes, it- sends a big ol’ glob of those fun times hurtling out into space propelled by solar wind.

When these coronal mass ejections are pointed Earthward, they do neat junk like freaking out radios, the entire power grid of Quebec, and the Earth’s magnetic field in general. The Carrington Event, a super-major CME in 1859, was especially exciting, causing aurorae borealis as far south as Rome. Certain telegraph operators at the time–possibly crazed on patent medicines–also claimed that they could operate their telegraphs without an external power source due to the current running through the lines. A coronal mass ejection of this majesty happens, on average, every 500 years or so. Ready?

Notes: Pink grapefruit, Tunguska pine, two ambers and the distilled fear of everyone working in telecommunications…by which we mean tolu balsam.

Official Sniff Test

Immediately upon application the ambers, pine and balsam are most prominent.  I can’t really smell the grapefruit at all.  I was worried that it would smell like an air freshener, but it’s more like a camping trip.  I wouldn’t call it a masculine scent, it’s pretty much gender neutral.

1.5 hours:  Softer, can catch a little of the grapefruit.  Still pretty woodsy and warm from balsam and amber.  I think the amber is most prominent here.

3 hours and beyond:  The amber has faded so that the woodsy scents are most prominent.  After this point the scent remained the same for about four more hours.

Overall Impression

I think I would like this more on another person.  It was pleasant, but it just doesn’t suit me.

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