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ZOMG Smells: Madboy

March 8, 2011

Madboy is one of the limited edition Girl Genius scents.

Website description:

This scent is the scent of mad genius hard at work. There’s leather toolbelts and handy restraints, of course. And over here, the shelf of glutinous unguents and resins imported in plain brown wrappers…a scrim of dust on the old projects that no-one is allowed to discuss…

…and a bit of that unknowable SPLAZANG that gives a creation LIFE! NEW LIFE! HA HA HA HAAAAAAaaaaa….

Official Sniff Testing

Initial note:  when I saw the word “resin” in the description I expected more of a tree-sap type of resin scent.  That is not what came out of the bottle.  It was a little chemically, in the sense that it reminded me a tiny bit of the scent of preserving fluids and thick reagents.

The leather, smoky stuff and resin were present in nearly equal amounts.  It reminds me of being in a chemistry lab—a sexy chemistry lab with fun toys, not a boring one where you spend hours cleaning glassware with acetone.

After about two hours the smoky scent had faded a bit

Overall Impression

At first I was worried that the resiny smells would be overpowering and would make me feel like a preserved body, but everything worked so well together that the resin wasn’t out of place.  I enjoyed the perfume because it made me feel like a proper eeeevil scientist instead of an angry engineering student.  Mr. Mango liked it, too, probably because his vision of an evil scientist is a sexy scientist.

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