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ZOMG Smells: Pirate Queen (off duty)

March 29, 2011

Website description:

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing quite like kicking back with a nice warm cannon fusillade and a selection of small, defenseless villages. Ah, the good life!

Three toasted woods, torched incense, clove bud and rich patchouli.

Official Sniff Testing

Immediately after application this stuff was smoky.  Smoky smoky SMOKY.  It was more like woodsmoke than tobacco, with a hint of spicy sweetness (the clove, perhaps?) and incense.

After the oil dried I noticed that the intense smoke had faded to a much more pleasant level (less BAM I was in a burning house and more MMMM sexy at a bonfire) and the incensey and spicy smells became more prominent.  A little bit of earthiness was uncovered, too, which I liked.  Never thought I’d be into anything with patchouli.

The scent faded consistently and lasted about five hours in the amount I applied.

Overall Impression

If you like warm, smoky things and relatively gender neutral scents, this is for you.  While I liked the smell, I don’t feel that it suits me very well.  I’ll probably reserve it for evenings with Mr. Mango because he seems to like this sort of thing on me.

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