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ZOMG Smells: Jaeger #3

March 30, 2011

Website description:

A little dark, a little dirty, but with undeniable sweetness under the rough edges– this is a Jäger to watch out for. No Jäger is subtle, but this one approaches suaveness wearing elephant boots. Dangerously sexy. Olibanum, ginger, toasted cardamom, vetiver, and molasses.

Official Sniff Testing

Immediately upon application I got the impression of a dirty, sweet flower; I can smell the leather and smokiness and some dirt, a bit of warm spice and a hint of rose at the end, like a cowboy coming home after a long drive bearing a bouquet for his beloved.  It’s not a powdery or old-fashioned rose, which is good news.  I don’t know where that rose is coming from, though, because there are exactly zero floral notes in this one.

After 1 hour the dirt has softened significantly, but the leather/smoke is still there.  The over all effect is a little sweeter and has a hint more floral and spice, like the cowboy done washed up for his lady friend.  I love the cardamom and ginger in this.

I think the total wear time was a solid 6 hours.  I could still smell it faintly after 7, though.

Overall Impression

This smells good.  I would love to put this on Mr. Mango.  I’m not quite so fond of it on myself because I don’t think that the scent of leather suits me very well.

I think that this would appeal more to the “typical” (ha!) male, but the right female would easily pull this off.

EDIT: I never realized this, but there is no leather in this scent. I don’t know where that scent came from, but that’s what I smelled.

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