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ZOMG Smells: Jaeger #1

March 31, 2011

Website description:

Jaunty and fierce! Clean as freshly-washed dirt, sharp as a brick. Lemon oil, oak moss, patchouli, white aniseed, and a pink rose in the lapel, because…well, yu never knows…

Official Sniff Testing:

Immediately after applying I was slapped by the moss and patchouli.  I had a hard time detecting the other notes, which worried me.  Very dirty-earthy.

After the oil dried down the patchouli/moss combo settled quite a bit.  The lemon oil and floral notes were very pleasant together, if still a little faint, and I’m guessing that the aniseed was the slightly sweet, slightly spicy scent barely hanging in there.  It was a tiny bit like black jelly beans, but only the TINIEST bit—more like the idea of jelly beans than the actual scent, you know?

Throughout the day the patchouli continued to fade a little bit and the floral and aniseed notes became a little more prominent.

The scent is easily detected for about six hours.  It’s been over twelve hours and I can still smell it on my wrists.  I think this is the longest I’ve noticed any of these perfumes lasting!

Overall Impression

I would call this a masculine floral.  It’s definitely lady-friendly, though.  I think this would be a good floral scent for people who don’t normally dig anything flowery.  It’s like a floral with training wheels.  Patchouli training wheels.  But not hippie patchouli.  It’s good patchouli.  No offense intended to any persons out there subscribing to the hippie lifestyle.

Aaaaand I guess patchouli smells like dirt.  The more you know!

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