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ZOMG Smells: Pirate Queen (on duty)

April 3, 2011

Website description:

Can’t burn the town? Mustn’t burn the town? Even just a little tinybit? No? Well, phooey. A layer of sweetness and light just barely obscuring the urge to LOOT AND BURN AT WILL.

Maybe later?

Sticky, sugary kheer, golden raisins, and sandalwood incense over golden amber and khus.

Official Sniff Testing

Immediately after application the amber was very prominent, earthy and smoky over the slight sweetness of the kheer (which is apparently some sort of rice pudding), the hint of fruitiness (them raisins!) and woody-grassy khus.

After 1 hour the amber died down and the sandalwood incense was more noticeable.  The sweetness and the woody scents were also a bit stronger, and the raisin scent was about the same level of intensity.  **This does NOT smell like the little packages of normal black raisins.  To me those smell sickly sweet, almost overpoweringly sugary.  Golden raisins smell a lot more mellow to me, probably because fresh white grapes aren’t as sweet as Flame grapes, the kind used to make “normal” raisins.

After the scents dried down there was very little change (aside from the total fading).  The scent was easily noticeable for about 5 hours.

Overall Impression

This is a much friendlier version of the Pirate Queen (off duty) scent I tried earlier this (last?) week.  Smoky sexiness for people who are nervous around smoky scents.  I don’t particularly love this scent, but I do like it.

Just to reiterate:  the raisins will NOT make you smell like Raisin Bran.  It is not a gross smell.

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