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ZOMG Smells: The Baron

April 5, 2011

Website description:

Rich, complex, and powerfully masculine, the Baron is a scent to wear when conquering towns and administrating with a practical-minded, questionably benevolent hand. Bergamot, lavender, and amber mellowed by spiced rum, bay leaf, and cedarwood.

Official Sniff Testing

Shortly after application this smelled very… manly.  OH SO MANRY.  At first it’s quite smoky-musky-woodsy, with the amber, bergamot and bay leaf most prevalent.  After a half-hour the rum and lavender became more noticeable.  As the scent wore on the amber died down and the woodiness and lavender became stronger.  I would say that this ‘officially’ lasted around 5 hours (ie. it was noticeable without sticking my nose right up to my skin) but I could still smell it lingering on my wrists after around 8 hours.

Overall Impression

It felt kind of luxurious-dangerous wearing this, almost like I should be lounging on a yacht at a private beach while shooting robot sharks with a customized rocket launcher.

I have to admit that this is rather on the masculine side of the gender-scent spectrum (SEXIST MANGO IS SEXIST). I’d really like to convince Mr. Mango to try this one; it would probably be a better fit for him.

If I ever want to feel powerful, a tiny bit crazy and ridiculously rich I’ll be wearing this.

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