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Concrete Minerals Swatches BAM POW

April 6, 2011


I finally ordered more eyeshadow from somebody it’s about damn time after seeing beautiful swatches at Silhouette Screams.  Blitzkrieg and Smut looked freaking stunning, and when I saw that the shop had a set  of four mini-pots for a schweet deal I could not reseeeest.

All swatches were done over TFSI.

Wicked:  slightly cool light purple base with strong blue-turquoise interference.  Powdered happiness.

Temptress:  beautiful rich teal with gold sparklies (barely visible in the photos, but noticeable in real life even without PE).  This would be so friggin pretty with Wicked.

Smut:  this one is an enigma. When I look at the photos I see a charcoal-taupe-cocoa base with strong pink interference.  It’s not sparkly because the shimmer is too fine for that.

Blitzkrieg:  not quite as WHAM!golden in real life; this looks more like a hybrid of gold and a warm taupe.  I think this is made of powdered baby angels.

These are awesome.  They feel so smoove on my skin.  I especially want to roll in Blitzkrieg, unf.

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