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Glitterbrows and the Charismatic Stripper

October 26, 2011

Hot dang, I haven’t worn makeup—REAL makeup, anyway—for a long time! The past few weeks have been devoted to job interviews and class presentations so I’ve tried to look polished and ‘professional’ in an attempt to impress people I don’t really care about. That sounds so negative, but it’s not meant that way; it just feels weird to focus on adjusting my appearance to suit others instead of myself, but I realize that sometimes it’s necessary.
The most exciting thing on my face was red lipstick with smudged taupe eyeshadow, and by ‘smudged’ I mean that I applied it like a smokey eye but it didn’t LOOK smokey because it’s not, ya know, dark. I think this was last Monday.

Eyeshadow: Wet’n’Wild Nutty everywhere
Liner: black Milani LiquifEye applied with a small liner brush
Brows: NYX Candy glitter liner in Lilac, applied with a tiny concealer brush
Lips: UD Ozone lip pencil, Wet’n’Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick (the matte stuff with the weirdly shaped bullet) and glossy lip balm

Last night I thought I’d try something different to warm myself up for free time (and Halloween) so I slapped some colors on top of the makeup I wore all day. Delicious.
Obviously my eyebrows need a little TLC, both in the grooming and filling in departments. It’s entirely too difficult to find a greyed-brown eyebrow pencil or powder in this part of the US; everything leans reddish-henna.

My day time makeup was this…
Lid: an all-over wash of SN Fire
Liner: UD 24/7 pencil in Binge

and I topped it off with this…
Crease/outer vee/liner: NYX Atlantic
Lower lashline: NYX Rust
So much mascara: Maybelline Full’n’Soft

Today I celebrated my makeup freedom by slapping on my favorite blue eyeshadow. I LOVE EET. The copper-pink sparkles make it so much more wearable than a plain steel-blue shadow.

Lid/lower lashline: Fyrinnae Strip Poker
Crease: L’Oreal HiP Charisma duo—the mauvey-pink all over the crease and the matte purple concentrated on the outer corner
Liner: UD 24/7 pencils in Bourbon(?) and Rockstar, both upper and lower lashline

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