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Copying other people

November 20, 2011

The appearance of this site might change frequently throughout the coming weeks; I thought I’d try a different layout-theme-thing for the blog because, as much as I liked the seagulls, it was time for something different.

As for the content of this post: I saw several people on the internet doing this thing where they do full makeup on half of the face and leave the other side naked, and I thought this was interesting. It’s surprising to see how much of an impact certain kinds of makeup can have on the overall appearance of the face—I noticed the most difference around the eyes, especially for people with fair or thin (like me) eyebrows, and I didn’t notice the difference in skin makeup until it was pointed out by the owners of the respective faces.

I did the same thing (half-made-up face) last week and left the ‘worse’ side of my face naked; I’ve found that my left side (your right) has more pigmentation from old acne attacks and a significantly less awesome eyebrow due to an incident with a baseball bat.
I would like to say that the way I’ve done my makeup in this situation is not representative of what I normally wear; usually I go a lot easier on the skin makeup so I don’t have to worry about touching up as frequently throughout the day.

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  1. November 20, 2011 6:52 pm

    You have a more than passing resemblance to my bellydance teacher. Which is to say, you are absolutely stunning both with and without makeup. Even with your baseball-batted-eyebrow (which looks fine to me). I’m a bit jealous, ngl. Also – the makeup look? Killer. Natural beauty AND talent? Mr. Mango better sing your praises on the daily.

    • thecandiedmango permalink*
      November 23, 2011 10:13 pm

      Madame, please! You flatter me!
      I’m pretty sure Mr. Mango loves me for the food more than anything; I made killer cheesecake brownies and banana cream pie. True love is from the digestive system.

  2. November 22, 2011 2:22 am

    Beauuutiful makeup look! I need to get off my ass and do this already for the Makeup Heroes. It’s especially interesting how people can use eye makeup and completely change the shape of their eye (whether intentional or unintentional) :)

    • thecandiedmango permalink*
      November 23, 2011 10:26 pm

      Agree, I’ve been sorting through makeup inspiration pics (which are really just screenshot montages of various pictures from the internet) and it’s crazy how different the same person can look in different styles of makeup. Jangsara is very good at this; she looks so different from picture to picture when I was looking at her archives.

      And do it! I love MakeupHeroes videos. You ladies are so much more chil than so many other make-up channels, and I like how opinions vary between posters, if that makes sense.

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