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Raspberries in Champagne (sounds delicious)

December 15, 2011

I don’t know what WordPress is doing but after I posted my last post (RDOR) it gave me this lovely little quote:
Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. – Marsha Norman

I think it’s kind of sweet and romantic, a combination of two of my favorite movies—What Dreams May Come and Inception—and I like that. It’s nice when loved things come together in unexpected ways.

This is, strangely enough, the makeup I wore the day we decided to take Mom-in-law to the emergency room. I wanted to look more awake than I felt but I feel like the white actually worked against me in this case. I should try this again with a darker mascara on the lower lashline.

Lid/crease: NYX JEP in Milk topped with NYX Champagne

Highlight: creamy white from the WnW purple trio of suckiness

Liner: UD 24/7 liner in Oil Slick

Lower lashline/waterline: NYX JEP in Milk topped with the same creamy white shadow

Face: Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff, Hard Candy Moon Glow powder, Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Peach

Eyebrows: ELF palette in Medium

Mouf: L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Raspberries, which is really more of a slightly brownish brick hue than a ‘raspberry’ color

I love the color of the lipstick, and I think it really suits my slightly yellowy skintone, but I’m not too fond of how it gathers in the creases on my lips. Thankfully this isn’t terribly noticeable from a distance, and it’s easily fixed by wearing the lipstick over a lipliner or by blotting-reapplying-blotting. HALLELUJAH!

The light blots in the background of those photos are the Christmas lights we have hanging inside the apartment. I’ve been using them as my sole light source lately and it’s so pretty and soothing. I love the soft glow it gives everything, and how it leaves more darkness than light. Sometimes too much light makes me tired or gives me headaches, and I find that the gentler lighting has improved my mood. I just want to sit and listen to love songs and soft music. We should check the thrift stores for more lights.

WARNING: There’s a crapload of music ahead; some of it’s sappy, some folksy, some just plain weird.

Favorite love song ever. Listening to this makes my chest feel tight like there’s a little alien incubating in there.

G freaking D I love slightly chubby men. And beards. And musical talent. Also, gingers, tall people, short people (mostly gymnasts HOO BOY), glasses, sideburns and general awkwardness. You know what? I just love people. I love looking at people. So much fodder for creativity and characterization in art and writing.

One of these things is not like the others… I just love this guy’s voice. Also, he mentions elderly persons giving blowjobs and it’s kind of funny in a horrible, sad way that makes me feel ashamed.

If you want even MOAR music, I recommend SongsToWearPantsTo, Sam Hart (the guy who wrote the Mario Kart Love Song), Bassnectar if you’re into dubstep, and Parry Gripp for general silliness.

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  1. December 15, 2011 5:52 pm

    I love Bassnectar!!! These songs are all lovely! And if you enjoy the bit about elderly people giving blow jobs, you might like The Tigerlillies, too. They’re kind of out there, but funny, and rude, and sometimes funny in a sort of uncomfortable, off way. Which is good for us, too, I think.

    And I loooooove this look! I kind of see what you mean about the white under your eyes – maybe on the waterline instead? Or with a darker mascara. But it’s still lovely, and Raspberry is SMASHING on you! (And has promptly gone on my lemming list.)

    I hope your mom-in-law is okay! ER trips, bleccch. :(

    • December 15, 2011 5:52 pm

      PS – raspberries in champagne ARE delicious. :D

    • thecandiedmango permalink*
      December 16, 2011 10:52 pm

      Just checked out a Tigerlillies clip on Youtubes; that is one NICE accordion.

      Definitely get the lipstick. It’s really a gorgeous color, even if it smells a little odd (somewhere between Werther’s candies and a soft floral)

      And MIL is doing pretty well now! We took her home Wednesday night and I’ve spent the past couple days checking on her, taking her to the grocery story and pharmacy, etc. As long as she can keep up with her not-smoking stuff she should be good to go for a few more years.

  2. December 16, 2011 6:04 am

    UNFFFF I love that lipstick on you! And wtf why are you so pretty?! :(

    Hmm I wonder if some of my headaches are caused from bright lights now. I know I get sensitive to light when I get headaches, but maybe the light is one of the sources of the problem….I must investigate!

    • thecandiedmango permalink*
      December 16, 2011 10:57 pm

      Child, please! You’re going to make me feel all fancy or something! Then what will I do with all the gross jokes I have saved up

      EDIT: I had to stop earlier because Mr. Mango tripped the cat as he ran past and as Barkley fell he pooped in midair. It was so gross and bizarre and kind of hilarious. I don’t know what happened or why but… oh mah gah. My stomach hurts with laughing.

      It’s crazy how much of a difference lighting makes some days. It isn’t the only thing that hurts my head, but sometimes it’s enough to give me some hardcore cranks.

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