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Geek Chic Cosmetics swatchfest: Timey Wimey collection and miscellaneous others

December 22, 2011

Last week (on Wednesday, actually) I received my Black Friday order from Geek Chic Cosmetics. I couldn’t do much about it that day because we had to take mom-in-law home from the hospital but I’ve finally finished with pictures and labeling. Yaaaay swatches!

First up we have le glitters and le samples.

pretty things

Glitter Bombs in Frag and Plasma:

Frag and Plasma




Both were swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. They’re multicolored glitters with strong holographic effects (or however you say that). In lower lighting Frag looks like a steel-grey glitter that reflects silver, which is seriously awesome. Plasma is predominantly green and purple but the bits of holo glitter keep it from looking too Barney-the-dinosaur.


Samples of Inevitable Betrayal, Viking King, Kingslayer, Continuum, and Companion Cube.
Top row is over ELF Eyelid primer, bottom row is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Sample swatches

Inevitable Betrayal: a dusty brontosaurus apatosaurus green with a hint of antiqued gold at the edges and some fine silvery sparkles. The golden tone wasn’t as strong as the swatch provided on the website but it’s still a lovely color.

Viking King: perfectly antiqued gold; at some angles the slightly taupey base is more prominent, but put it under strong lighting and the beautiful golden sheen will stab you in the eyes for your lack of faith. This was incredibly smooth and pigmented, the site swatches were very accurate and I absolutely adore it.

Kingslayer: a soft, warm cream with very slightly pink tones that reflects gold and copper. This one was hella hard to photograph. No matter what I did I couldn’t get what I saw to show up on film. In the swatch photo the golden-coppery bits are somewhat visible around the edges of the product and they show up as a sparkle instead of a sheen. In person it’s more of a pearled effect. This would be gorgeous as a highlighter anywhere on the face. “Including in my eyeballs?” OF COURSE.

Continuum: bright and sparkly sunshine yellow. Very pigmented primary yellow rather than the slightly orange photo shown on the product page. The shimmer/sparkles are a lighter shade of golden-yellow.

Companion Cube: bright hot pink. This was a free sample. The photo of the sample pod is darker than the actual product. The swatches are much more accurate. You’ll definitely want a slightly sticky base with this one because of the silver sparkles. In the swatch photo you can see that they disappeared. I don’t particularly like the swatch pictures or descriptions from the site; I found this to be more of a pearly finish than a shimmer, and from the site swatches I expected something much cooler in tone, more like Aromaleigh Fanclub. I don’t have a pink this bright, so I’m happy they sent it with my order.


The complete Timey Wimey collection, first row: Bad Wolf, Bigger on the Inside, Untimely Love, Exterminate!
Second row: Sexy in Suspenders, We are Coming, Yes, Sir, Don’t Blink

Timey Wimey

In this shot you can see the pretty sparkles in 'Yes, Sir' and 'Sexy in Suspenders'

For some reason I made the swatch images vertical instead of, you know, making them fit into a blog post. Steeempy, you eeeediot!

Top row of the Timey Wimey collection; left side over ELF Eyelid primer, right over Pixie Epoxy

Bottom row of the Timey Wimey collection; left side over ELF Eyelid primer, right over Pixie Epoxy

Bad Wolf: a shimmery soft/dusty purple overdosed with purple and gold sparkles. I disagree with the website description of this shade as a “royal purple” but I forgive them because it’s beautiful.

Bigger on the Inside: true blue with a gold sheen; over Pixie Epoxy the gold becomes very strong and gives the shadow a somewhat green appearance. I think the base is matte because it turns a bit darker over Pixie Epoxy and changes texture.—not enough to be a problem, though. I love this stuff and I can’t wait to see it in strong sunlight. AUGH. Evil northern hemisphere winter.

Untimely Love: rusty-nails red with minty green sparkles. Another color that’s very different over the Pixie Epoxy; the base becomes a little darker and more brown and the sparkles are all “HEY THAR”. The description made me think of MAC Club, which I do not own, but I think it’s different because the green comes through as fine true green sparkles rather than a blue-green sheen.

Exterminate!: metallic copper-gold with some gold and pinkish-red sparkles. YES. Love. I’m all about the golds and bronzes.

Sexy in Suspenders: soft, pale putty-taupe with so many icy blue and lavender sparkles. Excuse me while I go snort a gram of this stuff. I might need backups of this.

We are Coming: dark chocolate base with a warm copper glow that turns to a true gold in sunlight, and multicolored sparkles . I have two pictures of We are Coming just to try and show how it glows in the light. At first it’s all “Hey, y’all, I’m a boring old dark brown” but then it turns awesome. I can see green, blue, red and gold sparkles, even though the site description says there are only red and blue ones. Whatever, I can handle extra sparkly goodness.

Yes, Sir: soft pink-red base with blue sparkles that make it look even cooler. Another one that turned darker over Pixie Epoxy (hello, matte base). The PE made the base look cherry-red, so if you’re not a fan of cool reds you might want to avoid this color. I’m all about red eyeshadow so this is right up my alley.

Don’t Blink: cool, ever-so-slightly lavender silver with shimmer EVERYWHERE. It looks nice over primer, but PE makes this color sexystunningdelicious. I love silver eyeshadows with brown or black in the crease so I’m excited to try that out, maybe for Christmas or something. This one is blindingly sparkly in person, almost like a straight glitter, but the shimmery base holds it together so it doesn’t fly everywhere when you open the jar.

These were all quite difficult to photograph. The colors with shifting sparkles—Sexy in Suspenders, Yes, Sir, Bigger on the Inside, Untimely Love—ended up rather muted on the camera no matter how many photos I took, so even though you can see some of the gorgeousness please keep in mind that everything is even prettier in person. The only shadow that I’ve worn yet is Companion Cube so I can’t comment on ease of application or wear time for the TW collection.

My favorite shadows so far are Sexy in Suspenders (holy tits it is gorgeous in person), We are Coming, Exterminate! and Bigger on the Inside. They’re all beautiful but I love the glowy, color-changing goodness of those four so much.


Momo lipgloss. The tube looks quite brown compared to the original description of the product.

oh my

The tube is surprisingly large; the photo makes it look like I have chubby little doll hands, but that’s not the case. Here it is compared to a mascara tube for reference:

On the lips it’s semi-sheer and looks much more like the website description. I feel like it’s a very flattering, easy to wear shade for warm-toned persons. Not sure if this will hold true for cool-toned people, but it’s worth a try for how pretty it is.
It’s sparkly without being overly so, and a few of the little glimmery bits are MULTICOLORED which I like. In spite of how sparkly this is it doesn’t feel at all gritty. Momo is a little sticky, but not nearly as much as a Revlon Super Lustrous gloss. The texture actually reminds me of the Darling Girl Holo-glosses; it has a bit of a plush, cushy feeling on the lips, and it has more of a sheen or dewy glow than a watery mirror-like shine.

This lasted about three hours on me without eating or drinking. Once the eating commenced (dinner at Denny’s, so classy) the liquidy-glossy portion of the product faded quickly but the pigment lasted. Even after eating my lips felt a bit moist from the gloss, which I consider a plus.


Review, in a nutshell: the colors are beautiful and smooth, everything was packaged carefully and came with an invoice, shipping was reasonable. Everything was labeled with ingredients (including samples) and the owners have obviously put a lot of care into their brand. I APPROVE.

I’m surprised that I purchased the TW collection (and love it as much as I do) because I know nothing about Dr. Who aside from two facts: David Tennant is smoking hot and one of the older Doctors wears that huge multicolored scarf. I don’t even know what Torchwood is, so I can’t make any comments there.

This is where someone in the audience screams “GET THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! BURN HER! BUUUUUUURRRRNNNNNNN

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  1. December 22, 2011 9:19 pm

    ARGH want everything! Especially the glitter, even though cosmetic glitter and my eyes are not friends D:

  2. December 28, 2011 6:20 pm

    UNF, so awesome! Those glitter bombs are amazeballs! And Momo is SO pretty! I may need to try it. And the whole TW collection – swoon.

    And you should check out Doctor Who and Torchwood. Really awesome scifi, nerdy, and lots of eyecandy (for all persuasions – especially Captain Jack, who flirts with EVERYTHING. And yes, every *thing*).

    • December 28, 2011 6:32 pm

      OMG, I’m such a dummie. I *just* noticed you corrected “brontosaurus” to “apatosaurus.” My inner dino nerd loves you! <3

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