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Stuff in my Purse

February 12, 2012
The situation:  this is my everyday junk for school, grocery store trips and taking care of mother-in-law.  I like to think I’m rather low maintenance.
The bag:  a large blue thing from Target; I can’t find it on the website so I’m guessing it’s discontinued, which seems strange since I got it 6 months ago.  I don’t know anything about purses, I just like them big like my desserts.
The stuff:  there is a LOT of it.
The closeups:
Contents, closeup one
-keys for my car, the apartment, and Mr. Mango’s car (which I drive on school days)
-old student football ticket (Farmageddon!)
-small wallet with student ID, driver’s license, debit/credit cards, insurance card and a small amount of cash
-polymer eraser
-iPod loaded with podcasts for the hour+ drive to school
-hair tie and bobby pins, just in case
-pencils, pen and fine-tip Sharpie for notes and crossword puzzles
Contents, closeup two
-gum to help with my morning coffee breath (I brush my teeth before leaving but bring a travel mug of coffee for the drive, so this is a must)
-16 gb flash drive for homework and projects
-Burt’s Bees cuticle cream
-random earring whose partner has been lost
-Bath and Body Works hand cream
-sample pod of OHWTO Bay Rum solid perfume; I’m trying to use this thing up because I have way too many samples of things to merit keeping all of them forever.
-Yes To Carrots C Me Shine lip gloss in Coral Sunshine, also trying to finish this product
-Rosebud Brambleberry Rose lip balm, which smells divine and always gets compliments from classmates.  It gets a little creepy when dudes lean close and say “You smell good” but at least I know the coffee breath isn’t repelling people.
-cheapy sunglasses from my sister, because I can’t find my Versace glasses (which were free, oddly enough)
-upside-down HTC Evo, love of my life and bane of my existence.  I’ve forgotten this thing at home several times this year and it always freaks the husband out because he can’t check on me to see if I’m in classes or if I’ve crashed in a ditch somewhere.
Contents, closeup three
-giant wallet containing rewards cards for various stores (Ulta, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and library cards <3
-notepad from Gyrodata, used for reminders, to-do lists, and doodles
-lint roller, because I tend to wear dark clothing and have an orange cat who likes to lay on me right when I need to go somewhere
Sense and Sensibility, which I’ve wanted to reread for a loooong time
-free planner provided by the university, which has seen better days
-leather gloves from my grandmother; these are in surprisingly good condition for being thirty-ish years old, and they’ve been useful now that the temperatures are low and I have to scrape the windshield regularly
I rarely carry any makeup in the bag because I always forget to touch up.  If I do bring anything along it’s usually a pressed powder and a lipstick or gloss, if I’m actually wearing one for a change.  Other things that I’ll carry are my graphing calculator and a newspaper.
So yeah!  Maybe next month I’ll try this again when I pull out one of the new purses from my mother; she found them at JCPenney’s for $9 or something ridiculous.  She is a shopping black belt—like TENTH DEGREE black belt.
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