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Look Dump

August 20, 2012

These are mostly oooold makeups.  The last two are from before I moved out of the apartment three months ago, which in internet time is probably a few centuries.  I just wish my eyebrows looked that clean and shapely anymore—I’ve found myself getting lazier with my eyebrow upkeep in the past couple of months, even as I’ve started paying more attention to facial skincare and body/hair products.  It’s like forgetting to mow the lawn or water the flowers in front of a gorgeously maintained house.  Things just start looking a little shoddy.

For the past month and a half I’ve been extra lax on makeup, altogether skipping it most days.  Part of this is due to the heat—somewhere between the triple digit heat, the humidity, and all that schweating skin makeup would just melt right off my face—and the other part is because of some insane breakouts from the respirator I’m required to wear in certain areas of the plant.  It looks like a standard half gas mask and it’s almost strictly to prevent exposure to proteins that may cause allergies.  That’s about it.  It kind of sucks because wearing it caused huge, painful breakouts right along the mask contact areas (chin/smile line area) and there was no way to cover them.  I mean, it’s good that they require that because it’s a safety and health thing, but that safety comes at a pimply price.


herlerl derp

Afternoon at home and grocery shopping!  I wish I could remember what I used for mascara because my eyelashes look smashing.

UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon on the upper lashline, L’Oreal lip caresse thing in Violet Chiffon, conceeeealer


I'm the worst parent

Some random post-work makeup derp.  I did one eye and got all kinds of lazy, and I don’t think I remember anything used here.


I'm making brisket tacos for dinner.  Oh mah gah.

Just finished dinner.  Those brisket tacos were amazing.

I could eat them for a week.  They were that tasty.

I am 75% sure that this was done using colors from the Kat von D Gypsy palette for the lid/crease/inner corner and … maybe the NYX eyeliner pencil in Moss for the lower lashline.  All I know is that I love that lid color (Frankie from the Gypsy palette) so, so much.


I miss this makeup!  I'll have to pull out my taupes and do more taupe lid + bright crease combos.

Geek Chic Continuum is amazing.  I love how intense this color is.

Old makeup is old!  This was before graduation, waaaay back in late April this year.  I absolutely love the yellow, though.  And I know what I used for eyeshadow, so that’s kind of neat!  Or something!  Exclamation?

Lid:  WnW Nutty

Crease:  GC Continuum

Highlight:  crappy WnW white pink that was discontinued years ago

Mouth (see below):  clear lipbalm, possibly Brambleberry Rose lip balm (which smells like everything good in this world)

Awesome pie earrings:  made by one of my friends from engineering!  Girl be all kinds of crafty.


Yeah, there’s the sexy face we all know and love.  And by we I mean maybe my mother.

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  1. olgiepolgie permalink
    August 21, 2012 9:06 pm

    The yellow in that last look is awesome! All of these looks are quite pretty, but the last one is definitely my favourite. Your last photo is hilarious. I bet I get the same expression on my face when I see/hear/smell something distateful!

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