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Polished:  Dry Brush Nail Fail

September 28, 2015

On Saturday I figured I’d try doing some nail art, because sometimes you just want to let loose and so the wild things in life.  I thought I’d do a dry brush manicure because it’s touted as being soooooo easy.  Unfortunately dry brush/distressed polish is surprisingly difficult to get right in spite of the fact that the actual technique is simple.  I think I’ve narrowed down where I went wrong.  I’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to!  Let’s keep it that way, thx.

1.  I used sheer colors for the actual brushing/distressing.  The dry brush technique usually looks better when there’s greater contrast between the colors and a stronger “edge” to each of the strokes. This just looks like some vaguely-80’s-ish watercolor pattern, or maybe an infection.

2.  I didn’t go all the way to the edge and sides of the nail bed!! The left hand (first picture) doesn’t look so bad, but on the middle three fingers of my right hand I didn’t go to the sides of the nail and it looks weirdly unfinished. Sort of like I stained my nails or made a mess with art supplies.  

3.  Sheer/barely noticeable background color.  I don’t think this one would be so bad is I had used a more prominent color for the brush strokes, but I didn’t, so it was.

3.5.  Inconsistent ‘loading’. Some of the blobs had too much polish and lost their shape, some had too little and barely showed up, and it was just way too much work to get them to look even. This one is only a half point because it goes with the sheer polish problem – had I used something more opaque I would not have needed to work so hard to get it to show up.  Bah!


Polishes Used

Base coat:  Revlon Quick dry base

Base color:  OPI Altar Ego

Brush stroke-y colors: Zoya Celine (true jelly, DC’d) and Sinful Colors Strapped (matte jelly???)

Topcoat:  NYC Grand Central Station polish


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